Transitional Facility Spray

Transitional Facility Spray


The Professional Transitional Facility Spray Solution

Arandee is the authority in transitional facilities insecticides

It is the duty of importers to utilise an approved dual-action insecticide as part of their license to import any goods to New Zealand. Arandee is proudly nearly fifty years old, and our transitional facility sprays have been trusted by some of the biggest companies in the country for decades – including MPI border biosecurity departments. That means that the people who are policing your pest control processes during the transit and importation of goods are using Arandee products themselves. 

Use the transitional facility spray the experts rely on. 

Transitional Facility Sprays to protect NZ borders.

Frequently asked questions

While our products treat any flying or crawling insect found in transitional facilities – there are some specific pests that are flagged as serious dangers to our country.  

Learn more about the major pest and disease threats in NZ here.

Pea weevil 

Queensland fruit fly

Brown marmorated stink bug

Fall armyworm

Granulate ambrosia beetle

Western drywood termite 

Tomato red spider mite


MPI Border biosecurity facilities have been directly buying our insecticides from us for many years to ensure the environmental health and protection of New Zealand’s natural flora and fauna from the contents that arrives via importation. Treating the contents of both aircraft and shipping imports, Arandee has built a reputation for being simply the most reliable and compliant transitional facility spray manufacturer in New Zealand. 

Using potent active ingredients, our products produce maximum punch for a huge range of pests while leaving a minimal impact on our environment, and we continue to adapt our products and improve them with every new technological or chemical breakthrough.

Find confidence and reliability in using a product that is widely trusted and used by the highest authority in biosecurity. Nip pests in the bud and protect New Zealand for safe, efficient imports from anywhere in the world. 

Need transitional facility dual-action insecticide solutions that work? Contact us today.

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