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The most compliant insecticides in NZ.

50 years young + still paving the way.

Arandee has been a leading force in our industry for 50 years, and we never stop striving for further excellence and innovation to provide sought solutions for our clients in nearly every industry. We consistently test and reformulate new MPI-approved products to ensure we remain the most compliant producer of insecticide spray in New Zealand. Our family business is built on generations of knowledge, passed on, and improved upon with every iteration.

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From food manufacturing to border biosecurity, we offer powerful solutions and insecticides NZ-wide that are effective and long-lasting, keeping your pest control requirements to a manageable minimum, regardless of your unique industry needs. 

Alongside our airborne insecticide sprays, we also provide residual products as effective pest management for sensitive environments, such as commercial kitchens, food manufacturing, aerospace, or public health facilities where hygiene and pest management and compliance are non-negotiable. We have specifically formulated and tested bug spray or fly spray for every type of flying or crawling insect.

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Border biosecurity

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Commercial Manufacturing


MPI Border biosecurity facilities have been using our products for decades to ensure the environmental protection of New Zealand’s shores from the contents of both shipping and aircraft containers. When you want clarity and peace of mind that you are using fully compliant products in your transitional facility, it is smart to use the same insecticides NZ border control is using and policing every day. Our products pass every clinical test to retain their potency with the least amount of impact on our natural environment and wildlife.

Stay on top of the pests that do fly-bys on your property with automatic aerosols that can be digitally controlled for set-and-forget convenience. Hassle-free fly spray solutions are useful in countless kinds of environments. They are simply the easiest way to retain a professional standard of pest-free enjoyment of a facility on an everyday basis. 

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