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Cockroach & Bed Bug

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From cockroaches to flies, pests do not stand a chance against Arandee.

We are your trusted provider of bug and fly spray in NZ.

Safety and efficacy is our priority.

For professional strength bug or fly spray in NZ, look no further than our collection of efficient, effective and industry-leading insect control solutions. Our products have been used by professionals nationwide to eliminate all manner of indoor and outdoor pests or flies in commercial and residential properties. Additionally, our fly and bug spray selection has been trusted by biosecurity for years to safely import goods and equipment into our country. Made right here in New Zealand and with high-quality ingredients for 50 years, our range of rapid-kill bug and fly sprays keep facilities and homes pest-free, hygienic and comfortable all year around.

What you need to know about bug and fly spray in NZ

Frequently asked questions

While a fly-specific spray will certainly harm bed bugs, that isn’t it intended use and it is unlikely to be as effective as you need it to be. To efficiently rid your home of bed bugs and mites, it is best to use our specifically formulated spray that eliminates bed bugs while being safe for use on soft furnishings and fabrics, working to eradicate bed bug colonies specifically.

Fly spray is designed to tackle flies and flying insects predominantly, so it is best to choose a specifically formulated spray designed to eliminate fleas, ticks and other small biting insects. If you need help deciding on the best product for a particular application, contact our care team, and we will be happy to assist you. 

When used correctly and directed away from the face, fly spray does not damage your eyes. Caution and care are always recommended when handling any of our products as they are designed to kill insects, bugs and flies, so do contain potentially harmful ingredients. Keep out of reach of children and always read the label before use. 

Fly spray should never be used on pets or people, and only used on the intended target as per the instructions. If you are concerned about ridding your pet and home of fleas, you will need to treat your pet as per your vet’s instructions and use a spray on your home specifically designed for ridding your furniture, carpet and other upholstery of the pests.

When using our fly spray carefully and as per the instructions, it is unlikely to cause skin rashes or other reactions. If you do experience a reaction of any kind while using our products, you should cease to use the product and consult a doctor immediately. All of our products go through vigorous safety and efficacy testing so that you can trust you are using the best products for the application with minimal risk when used correctly and as per the provided instructions. 

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