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3 November, 2017

MAC Slay Residual Insecticides

Launched in early 2016 MAC Slay Residual Insecticides have been well received by industrial customers and professional pest control companies alike.

Employing two highly effective active ingredients in the industrial strength formulation ensures both quick knock down plus long acting (residual) killing power.  MAC Slay Residual Insecticides are available in three convenient formats – 500ml surface spray, 500ml crack and crevice spray with patented Acc-U-Sol trigger and extension tube to access hard to reach areas as well as a 150g lock down fogger designed to treat infestations in enclosed areas one can will treat a 40 foot shipping container.  All the products in the range carry:

  • MPI Type A approval (all animal products including dairy)
  • MPI approval for use in treating shipping containers
  • AsureQuality approval
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